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In The Jaws of the Merman

In The Jaws of the Merman, video still

Single-channel video, HD, 02:50 min, 2017

“In the Jaws of the Merman” video is based on an old German fairytale. It was  commissioned for the Leo Kuelbs Collection, Digital Fairytale 2 Album, and is a collaboration with the sound artist Anna Leevia. The piece features Rain Dove, an androgynous fashion model, being transformed into a beautiful mermaid — magical creature born from the water. Toward the end of the video, she rips off her mermaid skin to become herself again. In reference to the story, she is finally taken by the water. The video shows the myth deconstructed: at one point the camera pulls back and reveal the set, lights, skin costume, wig…