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The Higher Ground 

The Higher Ground, installation view, Shoestrings Gallery, 2018

Site-specific installation, Inkjet print on adhesive vinyl, 260x140x20″, 2018

Daniela Kostova’s “The Higher Ground”, 2018, is a site-specific photographic installation that questions prominent values in American culture. In this scene, an all-American male sits comfortably on a red reclining chair in the midst of a flood. With his cellular phone in hand, a cowboy hat, and Coca-Cola cans around him, he is stranded. A young girl, the future generation, clings to the edge of the billboard that frames this complex moment. Filled with humor and tragedy, the installation winks at advertising and an ongoing ability to deny our own failures. The work was commissioned by Shoestrings Press in NY and was part of the collaborative project LAZYBOY, curated by Naomi Lev and produced by Artists & Writers 4ever.