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Monuments of Incomplete Transition

Monuments of Incomplete Transition, video still, 2011

Performance, single-channel video, HD, 11:00, 2010

 The project aims to explore the themes of mobile citizenship, hybridity, temporary occupation, surface architecture and (re)construction. It is a collaboration with Miryana Todorova, commissioned for the exhibition “Dwelling-in-Travel” at the Art Today Association in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, curators Katia Anguelova and Andrea Wiarda. We have produced eight large-format vinyl prints (based on photographs of building structures from Bulgaria) taking the form of mobile booths when put together. They are modular and mobile by definition (easy to build and remove), taking over public spaces. The printed, full-scale images of these structures are mounted on poles and so could be easily taken down and put up again — referencing nomadic practices. In a series of performances on the streets of NYC we activated the structures we fabricated while placing them in various locations. They were entirely supported by the people on the streets and us; this enabled interactions and formed relationships. The process was documented with video and photography.

“The Pavilion”, a new version of the “Monuments of Incomplete Transition” was presented as part of “The Bulgarian Pavilion” ( initiative at Collegio Armeno Moorat-Raphael, Palazzo Zenobio, Venezia 2011.