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LooseLOOSE, installation view, A.I.R. Gallery, 2016, NYC

Site-specific installation, inkjet print on adhesive vinyl, UV print on styrene, ropes, wooden pedestal, crate, stump, tire, sand, fake snowballs, dimensions variable, 2016

LOOSE is a project exploring the culture of fear in the U.S. society. Specially designed for the exhibition space of A.I.R. Gallery it consists of a sculptural installation “Tied”, a photomural, series of photographs and found objects.

My ongoing project has been to examine the phenomenon of “adventure playgrounds”, which inspired me to build a “dangerous” playground inside my apartment where kids could play with ropes, sand, mud and fire. Addressing the numerous regulations of public space in the U.S., I considered the private home setting the only “safe” place for free play. Translating concepts of this project for a gallery space, I created a series of manipulated photo sculptures that are constricted by ropes and weights.

Loose was presented as a solo exhibition at A.I.R. Gallery in New York City in 2016. Related articles:

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