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Single-channel video, 09:47, 2000

This single-channel video is intended for a large-scale projection. It presents a snapshot of my private daily life. However, most of the screen is covered by a big black square placed in the center. This self-reflexive void remains black and empty until the end and forces the viewer’s attention towards the margins of the screen. Viewers have no choice but to interpret the actions according to the pieces of information that they receive from the “frame.” Frame examines mechanisms of viewing and understanding the other. It was part of the exhibition In & Out, Onufri 2000, National Gallery of Art, Tirana, Albania where it received First Prize. The work is courtesy of Lino Baldini (Italy) and is also a part of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art Base at Brooklyn Museum (USA) and Sofia City Video collection. Video link here.