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Video documentary, 28 min., 2006

Body Without Organs documentary video follows the “discovery” of the Bulgarian Bar through the eyes of a recent immigrant in New York City who has lost her sense of reality. Seeking traces of her old identity, she returns time and again to a Bulgarian Bar in Chinatown, ironically called the Bulgarian Cultural Center. Bulgarian Bar is not a “cultural center” as the plaque on the door ironically claims, but a “cultural imaginary” and convergence zone of opposite tendencies- the State representational Philosophy imbedded in the idea of National Cultural Centers and the Nomadic Thought coming from the immigrant experience and manifested through the Gypsy-Punk music.

Body Without Organs was presented as a documentary at the Arts Link, NYC (2006) and the 1.60insurgentspace project, Tirana, Albania (2006), and as an installation at the ASSAB One, Milano, Italy (2007).