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Fixing Reality

You can see Fixing Reality on YouTubeIn the video Fixing Reality I have documented my attempts to place a portable blue screen at a variety of public urban locations in the U.S. The blue, shapeless hole in the space created by the portable screen is later digitally “filled” with images from my native Bulgaria. I have utilized the blue screen as a tool for manipulating my background. The process is difficult: the screen is constantly falling down as I strive to adjust and stabilize it while talking to people who pass through it. I use the blue screen video technique as a metaphor of absence and subjectively perceived reality, and to address issues of cultural displacement and alienation as a psychological condition of the global subject. In the exhibition Don’t Touch The White Woman, Fondacione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Torino, Fixing Reality was presented as a video installation, the video projected on 3m x 4m translucent curtain, dividing the space into two parts. Visitors were invited to pass through the image